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Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

Elfinwood is a term used to describe stunted forests characteristic of most subalpine and alpine regions world-wide. Also referred to as krummholtz, these miniature forests occur at the upper altitudinal limits of trees.

Databases and Data Management Systems

Introduction In the last post I provided an overview of data management plans: Data Management Plans. In this post I’ll be presenting on databases and data management systems (DBMS), including a discussion about what constitutes a database, the basics of relational databases, and an overview of several popular DMBS software options. What is a Database?Continue reading “Databases and Data Management Systems”

Data Management Plans

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin Introduction In the last post I provided an overview of the final stage in the data pipeline: Metadata and Archiving. The first stage in the data pipeline is planning, and I provided an overview of this stage in my third post “The Data Pipeline:Continue reading “Data Management Plans”

The Data Pipeline: Planning

In the previous post we discussed some of the challenges of, and common misconceptions about, data management. In this post we’ll cover the difference between data management and stewardship, an overview of the seven steps of data pipeline, and make a call to action for all of us to think like data stewards when it comes to the data we collect.

Data management?…But I don’t want to!

Why does data management in the environmental sciences seem to be undervalued? It’s likely that data management isn’t entirely undervalued; it’s also likely that part of the problem is that, as environmental scientists, we may not currently have the “tools in our tool chest” to become good data managers. After all, we’re field scientists, not data scientists, right? I would argue that we need to be both.


The objective of this blog is to help improve data management in the environmental sciences. To this end, I’ll present an introduction to data management and a database schema model with the intent of moving us towards a more integrated approach to data management in the environmental sciences. The materials presented will be equivalent to that of a graduate level course in data management.

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